Downloading the Internet

Downloading the Internet
In Formation (manifesting form)= Information
Spirit Information = Inspiration

This is not a plea to encourage the proper use of the internet while warning of its dangers, no. This is my call to ask you to expand your view to a bigger picture.
We live in an era where the availability of information is growing exponentially. It is information that I really want to discuss and our idea of what it is. I hope that by the end of this you will see that the internet/information is all around us and has always been accessible to us, so there is no need to try and download it all for safe keeping.


When I think of the internet I think of collective consciousness. The connectivity of the online world has expanded our awareness from our family to city, country and enclosed most of the planet (at least for those with access to it) giving birth to planetary consciousness or hive mind. The collective consciousness of human thoughts and emotions has always existed, only now we have a canvas on which we can share and interact with it.

But how does this information even get from my laptop to your phone to your smart tv? Well there are many advances daily but the foundation of this digital revolution is an abundant element called silicon . Almost every computer chip, phone, modem will utilise this material as a semiconductor. Now before this turns into a science blog let me just get to the point. Long story short all these devices use silicon to program or control the movement or electrical currents within them. These electrical currents are essentially the data being arranged in formation or the manifestation of information.


What is this silicon I speak of? If you ask me that to my face I would say it’s just below carbon on the periodic table and we are carbon based beings, meaning that the base element that we use to structure our body is carbon. But guess what? we are changing from being carbon based to becoming silicon based. Want to know what else is silicon based? Quartz crystal! Yes we are becoming crystalline beings. It also means our digital revolution is fuelled by crystal technology. No wonder they call it silicon valley out there in L.A.


I know many people had visions of levitating pyramids and vibrating portals when you mention crystal technology but hey this is only the beginning, baby steps. Which brings me on to my next point. As we become more crystalline we will be able to transmit, receive and perceive all of the same thoughts, emotions, images and sounds we share online without the use of technology, using only our consciousness. So of course we would create devices with crystal technology to adjust our experience to a higher dimension of connectivity. Baby steps. We have to practice this externally as we integrate this ability internally. It like using training wheels on your bike to help you find that balancing point, until one day you find that balance internally and no longer need mechanically assistance.


I haven’t got to the point yet but I’m building up to it, maybe take a few long slow breaths before I continue. So far we have a race of humanoid beings who in a short space of time create a digital revolution using crystal technology which is mirroring the internal crystallisation of their genetics. There is an obvious elephant in the room that I must address and will do so briefly as to not give it any more energy than it already has. The zombie nation of people who we are losing touch with natural reality. This is mainly due to the fact that the canvas of consciousness we created is so heavily monetized and drenched in advertising, that it creates an energy which over stimulates our mental activity. My only answer to this is put your feet back on the earth and come back to your heart space. We need the wisdom of the heart to balance the knowledge of the mind.


All this information back and forth with and without technology. Let me break down what I suggested in the title of this. Light is information, it is a requirement and precursor for life. We need the information transmitted from our sun to inform our genetics as to what they should bring into form. Light helps the manifesting of life or life in formation. The elements that make up our planet as well as our bodies have their origins in stars. So everything in this world is of light origin. The darkness is only an absence of light just as ignorance is an absence of wisdom. Light itself is a vibrating pulse of energy and so all things are vibration at their core. Now to get to the good news.


When you become aware of this, as you just have, you can look at a rock or a tree or a bird and realise that they are each light in formation, they are light codes that have taken form. Think of grass beneath your feet as a library from which you can read. We are moving toward a world were we not only can connect and communicate with others but all life. When was the last time you ask city pigeon for directions? Or a tree for advice on your health. Our world is bursting with information if we only have the awareness to connect with it.


This is not new, it is known by most indigenous people worldwide who have not forgotten it like most of us. In these cultures it is standard practice to ask an ancestor for help with something as their formation has reunited with the earth and is still accessible. We often do this in prayer but rarely with the same awareness of its potency. Science is only now realising the internet highways that exist in a forest through its roots and fungi, thousands of years of events recorded and passed from generation to generation. It’s no wonder why here in pre-Christian Ireland, meetings and ceremonies were held in groves beneath the oldest tress of the land, that database is there and available.


This energy which connects all things has many names, we can call it light or god or source or spirit but really all of those symbols are interrelated. Fire is used in most rituals, religious or otherwise, I think this is due to its transient nature making it quiet spiritual. The fire is the sun from which the light comes from and so on. Even the word spirit makes its way into language regularly. My favourite is “Inspiration”, information from spirit of spirit’s information. I could play with these word spells for ages but I will instead leave it here. Thank you for coming to connect. In summary, you have the capacity to connect and access more information that the internet itself, all you have to do is “feel” it.

Stay Sentient
David Jackson

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