What Is Embodimensional?

The Embodiment of more dimensions of awareness

Raising vibrational frequency of consciousness through sound

“I use Poems to attune you to the Tones, similar to Ogham chiseled in stone”


Who Is Embodimensional?

Embodimensional was founded by an Irish born poet, David Jackson.

His work collaborates with souls from all walks of life who share the vision of an expanded existence.

We are the believers, we are the receivers,

We are the digital and we are the visceral,

We are the calm amidst the storm and we are the storm,

We are the sight in the land of the blind,

We are the light tribe and we are outside of time,

We are more than words and we are more than what you heard,

We are the catalyst for change,

We are the safety net when all else fails,

We are being human doing the human being,

We are the seen and unseen behind the scenes,

We are the everyday and every day that is new,

We give thanks for who you are because we are You!