Stream of Consciousness


I invite you to follow this stream of consciousness for a few moments.

Imagine a river. It is born in the womb of a mountain valley, where rains gather and give it form and depth. This river is your life. To be crystal clear, the metaphor of your life is not the body you have, no more than the river is the banks that contain it. Your life, is the movement of awareness in the experience of your body.
All the water on earth has always been here. It has only transformed and re-shaped itself, such as ice to water to vapor etc. Awareness of consciousness is also like this. It has always been the same amount. Sometimes it is in a concentrated form and flows rapidly re-shaping this world like the river which bends and twists the earth. Other times it is vast and expansive expressing itself as part of the collective, like the seas and oceans which connect the worlds lands. But lets get back to the river and your life.

As with all rivers, it is naturally flowing to a large body of water, be it a lake, sea or river. In our life, this movement back to a collective oneness is often thought of as death. For the river, it is the point where it’s banks expand so much that it can no longer perceive itself as moving in a linear direction. Likewise when our body’s form ends, our consciousness which flows through it, expands itself into a larger vessel, so much so that it can not be perceived in linear time.

Time is a tricky word to use when describing this sort of thing. Lets us continue with the birth this river. A body of water or a portion of the collective consciousness is hit with inspiration, either the passion of the sun or the heart of the earth. Inspiration always feels like fire doesn’t it? That burning urge or desire that motivates us to create. This fire creates excitement within the collective and new thoughts and ideas begin to come alive. The bodies of water underground bubble to the surface and spring from the earth. In the skies huge bodies of excited water vapor gather and head to their destination to deliver the message. And so the accumulation of water gives birth to our river. Yes this river is your life, but it is our river. This is where it gets interesting.

It is our river because it was formed from the collective idea or belief. No person lives with only one belief. We each embody thousands of ideas and belief which come and go throughout our life. So if this river, this stream of consciousness, this belief is open to all of us to experience, then we can experience all the rivers. Your life is the movement of your awareness. We all move in different streams of thought. Many are shared by the collective, such as fire is hot and ice is cold. As we shift and change our streams of consciousness we also impact our body, as is its the vessel which expresses our unique combination of thought currents.

So lets back track a moment. You do not begin in point A in a mountain valley and end in point B in the ocean below. It is much more fun than this. You are consciousness, you are the water of the world in its many forms, and all the water is always connected, all of the time, in all of the times. Ok now forget all of that and just breathe. Have you taken a deep breathe or did you just read that and think he wont know if I don’t do it…I will…So take a moment and breathe. Ok, lets continue. I want you to think of a memory that you love, some moment where you were having fun and felt love in your heart. Take as much time as you need… Finished? Ok…..What just happend?

Did you just open a box in your brain and look inside and then close it again? I don’t believe so. You are not your body remember. Here is my stream of thought, you can join this river of belief if it feels good. When we remember we move through the streams of our consciousness to a “time and place” we have experienced before. We are literally time travelling or bi-locating to be exact. More that likely you were still aware of where you are when you visited that memory and so were in two places at once. Pretty cool I know…How powerful are you?

We do this almost everyday. Especially when we are doing something that is not engaging us, like stuck in traffic for example. How many time have you drifted off into daydreams while on the bus or sitting in the back of a boring classroom. Sometime when we return fully to the moment we are in, we feel as though we have missed some time and are almost snapped back into this reality. That is because your consciousness was more there than here. Dreams are the perfect example of this. We have light sleeper who keep a portion of their awareness in the body to listen out, maybe for a babies cry, while other could sleep through an earthquake as they are almost fully flowing elsewhere.

We don’t just go “back” either, in fact we often spend more time projecting into the “future” . Just like when the water evaporates from the mountain valley and moves as a cloud to rain down in the sea below, skipping its long journey as a river. It becomes a powerful tool, when we believe that we are not just experiencing calculated imaginations of the future, but actually percieving possible future realities. As with all rivers there are many twists and turns, you could be drank up by an animal or sucked up by a tree. The future holds many possibilities.

The places we venture with our consciousness is not as important as the awareness that we are doing it. How much of our lives today is spent outside of the moment, especially with the use of technology which transports us to digital streams, a whole other story. I believe this is why “mindfulness” is becoming so popular. Yes we are powerful multi-dimensional beings who travel time and space for experiences which add to the growth of our soul. But consciousness has created our bodies, yes it is likely we have other bodies which we animate elsewhere, but we also have this one. There will be times of heavy rain, when we are intensely embodied in the current of our life, with no choice but to surrender to in pouring experiences. There will be times of hot sun which energies us so much we feel as though we are evaporating and floating out of this world, unable to stay grounded in the stream of life, but as the water always displays to the consciousness…Go with the flow.

Written by
David Jackson

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